Franken – Disko Nites

This was my very first franken after getting ManGlaze’s Franken Jugg’s here. I was excited to do a black holo (NOT My Private Jet!) with multi-coloured glitter and flakes. It was probably too ambitious for a first try, but I did it anyway!

Color Club After Hours, Magic Attraction, Revvvolution

Sylvie Black, Suki (unnamed)

I was worried about mixing different brands (with different formulas) together but it worked out with a little thinner. I added Sylvie’s Black into the Franken Jugg first, followed by Suki’s clear (not so much) polish. When I purchased that Suki bottle, the colour was exactly the same as what you see in the picture – but I got so excited that it had blue/purple (blurple) flakes, I bought it anyway. One of the worst polishes I’ve ever bought – the consistency was goopy – and that was only when I put a stick in and stirred. I could only get the polish to come out of the bottle after much effort, lol.

After mixing the two drugstore polishes together, I added After Hours – a black with silver shimmer. Then Revvvolution for the holographic effect, then Magic Attraction for the ultra sparkly effect. Here’s the outcome:

Do you see the blurple flakes in the bottle? OMG! I wasn’t sure if it’d show on the nail since it wasn’t a jelly polish per se. What I mixed up was a totally not subdued black with multicoloured glitter, and silver shimmer gleaming from every angle. Plus the holo-goodness from Revvvolution!

You can’t see the holo effect from the bottle but it shows up on the nail. 😀

My lousy camera wasn’t able to capture the sparkly-ness of this beauty, so we would have to make do with so-so pictures for now. The most difficult part, was to name the polish.

I give you: Disko Nites. I know I named it as if I were a 13-year-old who couldn’t spell, but when I look at this polish, all I thought of was dancing under a disco ball where even under low lighting conditions, the polish still sparkled. And yes we would dance all night!

Heheh the print on the bottle looks blur because I focussed the lens on my thumb.  Now you see the holo-ness from Revvv! I think I need another bottle of that…

Pardon my cuticles and the harsh lighting, it was only under my table lamp bulb that I could capture all the glitter and sparkles. You can see blue flakes on my pinky and a little hint of it on my ring finger in this picture. I’d mixed the polishes from 5 bottles to fill this Franken Jugg up to the brim and I won’t be running out any time soon 🙂

What do you think of the franken? Yay or Nay?

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