Essie Treatments Showdown!

Many brands usually have treatments to supplement their colour polishes – sometimes there are just so many top and base coats coming from one brand that it’s hard to decide which one to buy. Essie has about 10 different kinds of treatments!

In my recent haul of Essies – 5 treatments and 1 colour – I sought to determine which of the glazes work the best. I didn’t get all of them, just the ones that were the most promising. They are the following:

  1. 3-way glaze (base, strengthener, and top coat)
  2. top coat (everyday)
  3. super duper top coat (nail gloss)
  4. to dry for (polish drying top coat)
  5. first base base coat (adhesive base)

Purchased from an eBay seller at US$3.99 each, they were a steal! The colour I used to test the treatments was also part of the haul – Essie Wiggle Room. It’s a muted coral pink with very subtle shimmer, opaque in 1 coat. More pics when you click on “Hauls” on top of the page.

Here’re my combinations for each finger:

    • Base: 3-way glaze
    • Top: 3-way glaze
    • Base: first base base coat
    • Top: top coat (everyday)
    • Base: first base base coat
    • Top: super duper top coat
  • RING
    • Base: first base base coat
    • Top: to dry for
    • Base: first base base coat
    • Top: nubar diamont

I applied ONE coat of base coat, ONE coat of colour, and ONE coat of top coat for all fingers. Now that the combinations are sorted – on to the wear test!

Day 1

  • top coat (everyday)
    • Drying time: Dry to the touch in under a minute!
    • Consistency: Medium viscosity
  • super duper top coat
    • Drying time: Same as above
    • Consistency: Low viscosity; runny & pulled at polish when applied
  • to dry for
    • Drying time: Same as above
    • Consistency: Medium viscosity
  • nubar diamont
    • Drying time: Slower than the 3 above, takes about 7 minutes to dry
    • Consistency: Low viscosity; glided over the nail like butter
  • 3-way glaze
    • Drying time: This was the worst. An hour passed and I could still dent my nail!
    • Consistency: High viscosity; as thick as Seche Vite

P.S. about the colour – it’s not as stark and bright as in the picture. The colour on the bottle depicts a more accurate shade of Wiggle Room.

Day 2

After a shower, some cooking, and a good night’s sleep, I didn’t see any noticeable changes on my manicure – no sheet marks too. The colour is starting to grow on me though – I love corals!

Bubbles have hardened on my thumb and the nicks have leveled themselves out though I can still see them. Of all the top coats, 3-way glaze has the best shine but I guess its major drawback is the extremely long drying time. I would probably give 3-way glaze another go when I’m patient enough and in the mood.

There is very slight tip wear on my middle finger which I’d applied super duper top coat – the one with the really thin consistency.

Other than that, the wear on the rest of my 3 fingers are looking good.

Day 3

No changes except for the following:

  • Tip wear on the corner of my thumb nail (3-way glaze)
  • Tip wear on my middle finger (same as Day 2)

I took a shower, did some sewing, cooked, washed dishes and the wear on my other fingers is still looking good. I’m getting quite bored of the colour already. Sigh!

Day 4

Day 4 and my manicure’s still looking decent. There’s obvious nail growth and you can see the bubbles I was talking about on my thumb. It’s horrific.

The wear on my index finger (everyday top coat) has dulled towards the end of the nail, while my ring and pinky fingers are still looking fresh.

Day 5

The 5th day and my ring and pinky fingers are finally showing signs of tip wear – although they’re only very slight. I had a busy day and didn’t manage to take a picture before the sun went down. Sorry!

I decided to give 3-way glaze another go with first base base coat, one coat of OPI, and one coat of LASplash, and 3-way glaze as the top coat on 2 fingers on my right hand. Applied 2 hours before sleep and woke up with sheet marks, but they faded away. No bubbles this time – maybe the secret is waiting for the polish to dry before putting on 3-way glaze!

Day 6

Sorry for the colour change! This is the most accurate shot of the polish colour, I’m pleased with how this picture turned out πŸ™‚

So… very obvious chips on my index and middle (I saw that coming), with tip wear on the other fingers. I went swimming and saw these after I got out of the pool.

Day 7

Final review! My nails don’t look any different from yesterday and it’s the end of my 7-day review of Essie’s treatments.

I would recommend 2 coats of Super Duper top coat instead of the 1 that I wore since it was really thin. At first, Everyday seemed to wear as well as To Dry For in the first couple days but it turned out that To Dry For does wear longer.

Diamont looks as good as new! Or maybe because it’s on my pinky – a finger that just sits pretty. The wear on 3-way glaze is excellent – I will have to give this one another review.

And oh! I just received Essie’s Good To Go – a top coat that’s supposed to dry fast and last long. I’m excited to review this one next!

If there are any questions regarding these treatments do leave a comment and I’ll try my rest to respond. I hope this post helped you make a decision in picking Essie top coats! πŸ˜€

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