A Green Konadicure & Yellowing Top Coats

Since I’m visiting HortPark tomorrow with mom, I did a green konadicure today with 2 Sally Hansen colours – Mint Sprint and Jumpin’ Jade. I thought the consistency of the polishes would be good for stamping since it’s so thick, and it worked! I did this at night so no sunlight pics 😦 but will add some tomorrow after a visit to the park 🙂

The colour is brighter and more green in real life. This is 1 coat of Mint Sprint with Konad’s image plate M56, without top coat. Want to know why I didn’t use a top coat?

As usual, I applied a thick coat of Seche Vite over my fresh manicure, and when it dried, the colour of Mint Sprint turned yellow! I was so shocked because I’ve always had good experiences with SV. It added such a yellowish tinge to my nails I had to take the colour off immediately. It was disgusting.

I thought it was just SV that did it, so I tried another top coat – Orly’s Top 2 Bottom. It turned yellow too, and worse – it smudged my konadicure. I wanted to experiment with Essie’s top coats and Nubar’s Diamont too but I was too lazy to climb the stairs to get them from my room haha.



My mom had a bit of vertigo in the morning so we didn’t go 😦 but the sun came out and I took another shot of this manicure with more sunlight.

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