The White & The Blue

Seeing that my sister is getting married this Sunday, I looked through my stash to find the perfect colour for her nails. I looked through swatches, came up with a few choices and one of them was OPI’s Happy Anniversary – a silver shimmer with a hint of pink and green micro-flecks.

I wanted to do a blue glitter gradient on my index for accent but I failed terribly so I decided to cover my whole index nail instead!

On index – Nubar Night Sparkles; rest of fingers – OPI Happy Anniversary

How’s that for a clear picture? I read up on ISO settings for my camera and found out that low numbers are for places with bright lights (daylight), and higher ISO numbers are for dimmer areas. I set it to the highest for my previous posts, resulting in grainy pictures. For this post I set my ISO to 100, and the results turned out great! For once I can see actual pieces of glitter on my nails. Cool stuff 🙂

The manicure looks a bit worn because I’d just given my old guinea pigs a bath. Here they are, while I was blow drying their fur:

Meet Kooee (6.5 years old) and Booee (5 years old), both females. So fluffy!

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