The Face Shop – new colours!

I caught Salt with my sister last night at the mall and we were shopping a little bit after the movie. I walked past The Face Shop and saw these lovely new colours! I mean, they must be new because I’d never seen those shades before haha. Anyway, these light colours were surprisingly opaque – except for the lavender polish – it’s a jelly shimmer.

The Face Shop sells their polishes at $2.90 (~US$2.20) each and $4.50 (~US$3.30) for 2 – they’re light on your pockets and big on colour! They don’t name their polishes, and with such small print on the bottles, I didn’t bother squinting to look at their model numbers. I bought 2 bottles of the mint colour, an extra for frankening.

2 coats for blue, 3 coats for mint, 3 coats for lavender

The blue dries darker on the nail; checking against wikipedia’s colour wheel, the actual colour is a mix of Dodger Blue and Cerulean. It’s more stark than in the picture and was the first colour that caught my eye at the counter’s sea of display.

Second colour – the mint one, is very close to Celadon in real life, but a bit lighter. It was a bit streaky and reminded me of Essie’s Mint Candy Apple. Who’s up for a comparison? Let me know!

Lastly, the lavender shimmer is really sheer and its base colour reminds me of Zoya Miley – a colour I don’t have yet 😦  It was also streaky but could be fixed with more coats. The colour in the picture is pretty close to its actual colour. For good measure, its closest cousin on wikipedia’s colour wheel is Languid Lavender.

There was also a new baby blue colour at the counter but I already have at least 2 bottles similar to it at home so I gave it a pass. The Face Shop’s nail polishes have pretty decent quality at affordable prices – the three polishes swatched above all dried to a shiny hard finish. Drying time was a bit slower than OPI but still reasonable. I also have a pretty dark royal blue colour from this store that’s a dead on dupe for OPI’s Dating a Royal. Anyhow, cheap polishes = more frankens!

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