Skinny & Teeth Tips

I wore a red china doll top with light grey zipped ankle jeans, and needed a manicure to match my outfit for my sister’s marriage ceremony this afternoon. Check it out!

This was 2 coats of Orly Mirror Mirror, and China Glaze Jitterbug as tips. I was rushing for time so my application was a bit sloppy. I put Posche’s top coat to the test this morning – I’d just received it 2 days ago – and it worked out quite well 🙂 Thinner consistency than Seche Vite and dried fast, too.

BTW, Jitterbug is amazing. It’s so shiny and has a foil-like finish – I’m also guessing this may be the micro-glitter version of Nubar’s Knight’s Armor. I should receive my next batch of Nubars next week so we’ll see!

Anyway – after the ceremony I came back and changed my manicure since I’d nicked my right thumb during lunch. I remembered watching this Youtube video on nail art and the girl painted her nails in a design similar to this but with different colours:

3 coats OPI Cabana Banana & Orly Mirror Mirror teeth tips. That’s what I call them – teeth tips. They’re easy to draw too! My thumb nail reminds me of spongebob squarepants wearing a crown haha. This combination is so beachy, sunny, and fun – it has a retro look to it as well. Loves it!

I had a few pieces of nail gems lying around so wanted to see how it’d look like – put 3 on my middle nail and a thick coat of Seche Vite to secure them in place. I think it’d look better without the gems! I’d still be experimenting teeth tips with other colour combinations though. Try it yourself and see how cute it is!

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One Response to Skinny & Teeth Tips

  1. Joey Chong says:

    The teeth design is so innovative =)
    Loving the combination of pale yellow and gray.

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