National Day Konadicures (?)

Haha, I added a question mark at the end of the post title because I’m not sure if my patterns are appropriate for Singapore’s National Day. My country turns 45 this year! Around this time every year, you’ll see colours of red and white everywhere you go – the colours of the Singapore flag.

So – ahem – I decided to do a konadicure with red, white, and silver. Initially I’d wanted to stick with just red and white but it got too boring. On to the pics! I told you I’d get a better camera and my pictures have made a complete turnaround – crystal clear with sharper colours; easier on the eyes.

In the shade


I especially like the patterns on my middle and ring fingers. I used a fishnet print on the first half of my middle finger, followed by a rose print below – looks like a rose vine to me. Loves it! On my ring finger I have white and silver ribbons, and that’s pretty much the closest to the National Day theme. I only own 4 konad plates – options were limited 🙂

Things you’ll need:

  • Red – OPI The Thrill of Brazil
  • Silver – China Glaze Millenium
  • Holographic glitter (pinky finger) – OPI Text Me, Text You
  • Konad Image Plates M56, M57, M60, M65
  • Konad Special Polish – White
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