The Colour that Failed

The very first polish that I bought was from Sally Hansen, so whenever I see their displays I’m always itching to get a bottle. I recently bought SH’s Petal Pusher –  from the Insta-dri series and since the other Insta-dris I got were opaque in 1 coat, I reckoned this nude, pinkish colour would be the same too – opaque soft colours are so hard to find! Do I hear some yeses?

Today was the first day of my sophomore year and I’d already planned what I wanted to wear so my manicure would match it. I used Petal Pusher – a really soft nude pink with a subtle hint of yellow in the colour so it looked pretty nice with my skin tone.

WARNING: This polish is not for amateurs. The application was horrible and the polish was so runny it would gravitate to the sides of the nail if you put too much on it. Drying time was bad and it took me a full hour to do both hands because I kept nicking my nails by accident – I’ve been spoiled by fast drying brands to wait that long I guess!

This was 3 thick coats. To achieve the same look, if you don’t want to work with too much polish on your brush, you can get the same opacity with 4 thin coats. This polish definitely needed a top coat because the polish would never dry without one. I used Posche for this manicure – notice the bubbling on my thumb nail! It’s like a bubble party up in there. Seche Vite would at least help to remove some of the bubbles. Thank god I bought Petal Pusher on sale – I would never pay full price for such a horrible formula.

But other than that, I love the colour! Look at how it complemented my top:

Warm pink on cool pink. It’ll probably be a while before I use this polish again! This one is very appropriate for interviews and business events.

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