Zoya Kate

I’m back! School started last week and I am up to my neck with readings and assignments already. Phew! Let’s not talk about depressing business topics and move on to polishes!

This, my friends, is Zoya Kate:

This was 2 coats of Kate and it applied really smooth. I took the picture when it was raining heavily outside and my camera was running out of battery – resulting in photos with a lot of ‘noise’ and specks. I would’ve worn this a few more days if it weren’t for the fact that I got my dotting tools in the mail today! I’m going to have some fun with them later 🙂

I got it for S$12 off eBay, and the local seller has a ton of unlisted Zoyas! I’ll probably be buying from her again. Kate is an earthy mauve – people call it a granny colour, but I think it can look kinda classy when worn with a great outfit.

It’s a colour that doesn’t scream for attention but rather, complements the other stuff you’re wearing. It’s like a school play where you need some kids to play the big, important roles and some others to play the little parts (tree, rock, frog, lol) – without which the scene would look incomplete.

Have a nice evening!

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