Color Club What a Drag *roll eyes*

Haha, I always roll my eyes when I say the name of this polish. I think this is the first time I’ve swatched the colour ever since I bought it about a year ago?

I was wearing a ripped black punk-ish tunic and mineral wash leggings so I needed a mani that would go with it. I didn’t want a black goth colour because that would be too cliche, so I picked Color Club’s What a Drag from all the silvers in my stash. And the runners-up were:

  • OPI Birthday Babe
  • ChGlaze Millenium

They were too foil-ish and I needed something sparkly so I picked What a Drag! And it complemented my outfit nicely. šŸ™‚

Under my table lamp

Sorry for the dry skin! I only came back in the evening so no sunlight shot šŸ˜¦ This was 2 coats – the polish had gotten a little thick and goopy but went back to the right consistency upon rigorous stirring.

I was really praying for no bubbles but I guess that didn’t work huh. I used Orly’s Top 2 Bottom as a top coat. I guess that one works extremely well only with cremes.

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