Verdict: Nubar Verde

Good evening! I haven’t decided what I want to wear tomorrow for school but I did decide to wear Nubar Verde 🙂 This colour is from Nubar’s Venetian Glass Collection and it’s the colour that stood out the most to me from the others in the set. It’s a deep emerald with light green & gold shimmer – the base colour is similar to ChGlaze’s Emerald Sparkle.

The colour is amazing. I never liked greens when I first started loving nail polish and have grown to collect a few nice mints and emeralds in my stash 🙂 I can see a bit of dark blue in Verde as well.

So I googled what venetian glass works typically look like and I can totally see Nubar’s inspiration for the collection. The finish for Verde has an artistic air to it, with a polished feel. At every angle you will see flashes of green, gold and almost a hint of orange shimmer in it!

Loves it! Have a nice evening!

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