Yoga-ta Get This Blue!

Now, I really don’t like it when the same brand has a variety of the same hue and 2 of them are dupes of each other. OPI has 3 similar navy shades that when upon closer inspection, are different.

  • Yoga-ta Get This Blue
  • Russian Navy
  • Play Til’ Midnight

Yoga is more similar to Russian Navy where they both have light blue shimmer. Play Til’ Midnight, when one looks closer at it, has a confetti of micro micro flakes of pink and purple, which is apt for the name of the polish. I will swatch that one soon! Or maybe on Christmas 🙂

I love OPI’s christmas collections, they’re always so cheery, glittery, and gives me a cosy feeling inside. I only wished I’d bought a backup of Smitten With Mittens – a near dark red with red and gold glitter. I remember applying it like butter and it was just beautiful. Definitely one of my favourite reds.

Sorry to digress! The polish I have for you today is Yoga-ta Get This Blue!

Ah you can see it clearer in artificial light I think. Once the light is gone, the base colour goes a bit darker. Actually if you look from afar under normal light, it looks like another navy creme. But this blue right here in the picture? It’s gorgeous. This was 2 coats w/ Seche Vite

Shall I do a comparison swatch? Let me know 🙂 I’m SO looking forward to this year’s christmas collections! The glitter, the festivities, the chunks!!! Wooo!

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