Nubar Knight’s Armor

The first time I saw this polish I knew I had to have it – I mean, square silver glitter on a black jelly base? I love glitter and I love jelly polishes!

Opaque in 2 coats. Truly like a knight’s armor isn’t it? A new way of mimicking silver metal by not doing foil finishes. I’m surprised this wasn’t more of a hit with the nail polish world. Super close up time!

In the picture you can see the layers upon layers of silver glitter – only made possible if the base colour was jelly-ish. *Dreamy*

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3 Responses to Nubar Knight’s Armor

  1. Pam says:

    Great, thanks for the information! I am dreaming of quite a few Nubar nail polishes, my all in all favourites Gem, Reclaim, Greener, Forest, Torrid Red, Treasure, Indigo Illusion and Iris Dust. Those are really the ones i want to have no matter what. 😉 But since the offer of cheap nail polish in unbelievable in USA, i’m thinking i’ll just find the famous Dollar Store or something and empty the shelves and order Nubar online. 😉

  2. Pam says:


    I stumbled upon your gorgeous nails looking for an US “where to buy” Nubar, and i was wondering if you can help me with that? Is the internet the only way to buy Nubar in the USA, or do you have shops that sell it? I’m from EU but am planning to go to the USA and any information would help me loads, since the shipping on the internet is quite expensive and i wouldn’t mind getting a few bottles while i’m there. 🙂 Thank you for your time! 🙂


    • emery.b says:

      Hi Pam!

      I totally understand your situation, shipping costs are expensive when you buy from! I buy directly from a US eBay seller with reasonable shipping prices for Nubars. She’s da bomb! You can visit her store here – she ships worldwide and my polishes arrive on the dot in exactly 11 working days after shipment clears. You can contact her for shipping quotes and she’d be happy to help you 🙂 What polishes are you looking forward to getting?!


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