Essie Body Language

Encouraged by my improved application of streaky polishes, I took out Essie Body Language to test my skills. I remember the first time I tried on this polish, it turned out streaky and I required about 4 coats to get the polish opaque.  I regretted buying it immediately when I swatched it.

I had another go with it today and it turned out great – all it took was quick, swift strokes to avoid streaks on the nail. This was only 2 coats:

Under my table lamp. 2 coats with Poshe – I couldn’t get a pic with sunlight cos it was raining cats & dogs the whole afternoon. Body Language is a greyed out nude – a very chic and almost honeymoon-y colour.

Below is a better representation in terms of colour:

Loving this one – the more I look at my nails, the more I don’t think about the number of untried bottles in my Helmer. I’m wearing this one for a few more days 🙂

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