A Layering Experiment

I took out two of my untried colours today to see if they matched up to all the hype they got!

OPI I’m Not Really A Waitress is OPI’s best selling colour (so they said on their facebook page), and I wasn’t that impressed with it when I first bought it, which was several months ago. IMO it was just a medium red shimmer, I was worried the finish would even be a frosted one, so I never swatched it despite having the bottle in my Helmer. Until today!

I layered it with Nubar 2010 – a clear polish with flakes that flash orange and green. My Nubar 2010 was kinda lumpy so I had to keep shaking it up. It’s like the flakey version of OPI’s Fireflies – do any of you have that? Mine is a pretty old bottle – Fireflies is a sheer shimmer that also flashes orange and green like fireflies dancing round a campfire. I’m rambling. On to the pics!

2 coats of I’m Not Really A Waitress and 1 coat of Nubar 2010. 1 coat of Poshe. You can see the red is actually quite pretty – when I read on forums that this colour is so versatile it’d fit any skin tone, I think that’s pretty true now that I’ve swatched it. But I don’t wear reds unless it’s Christmas or Chinese New Year, so it’s back to the Helmer for I’m Not Really A Waitress!

As I said my Nubar 2010’s consistency was really thick and lumpy (not because I left the cap open, which I didn’t), so I was wondering if it’s just my bottle that’s like that or is it that it’s a 100% flake polish that’s why it’s so lumpy? Like how 100% glitter polishes (a la China Glaze Glitters) are also lumpy with a gritty finish? *shrugs*

I recently purchased Color Club’s Drenched in Diamonds, which is also another 100% flake polish and I’m SO looking forward to that arriving in my mailbox!!

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