OPI Baguette Me Not

Ah, I think my favourite collection to date with the best colours is OPI’s France Collection – I’m especially thankful for this collection as well because that’s where I found the perfect nude for interviews and business events – Tickle My France-y. I have a backup of TMF because it’s just so gorgeous. I think I should swatch it soon.

Anyway! Sorry I haven’t been posting the past week, I got caught up with midterms and projects. Sigh!

This morning I totally knew the colour I wanted to use on my nails today – Baguette Me Not. It’s a creamy salmon pink and I seem to be really drawn to this colour range because it fits me well. It gives me the same “Ahh it’s so nice and pretty” feeling just as Zoya Kate does.

2 coats with 1 coat of Poshe. I haven’t been using my Seche Vite lately because I only have half a bottle left and at that level in the bottle I have to drop Seche Restore in every 3-4 manicures to avoid the topcoat from getting too thick. Poshe has been a good substitute, I’m almost halfway through with the bottle and the viscosity hasn’t changed. I’m impressed 🙂

Baguette Me Not is a little more brown in real life compared to this picture, and a little darker. The colour in the bottle is not that accurate.


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