Black Diamond

Okay, so one of my regrets when it comes to nail polish is not getting a polish when it was released back then, only to want it when it’s hard to find or sold out. That’s how I feel about OPI’s Baby it’s ‘Coal’ Outside! 😦

It’s supposed to be a black polish with silver specks or something, since I don’t have the bottle I can’t provide the itty bitty details about the colour, but I’ve seen photos of it and it was just perfect for my mood a few days ago. I really really wanted a bottle.

I was shopping at a local drugstore and found Sally Hansen’s display, and saw Black Diamond. I bought it right off the rack and applied it the moment I got back!

Looking closely, BD is a black polish with pink and green shimmer specks. It’s kind of like if Black Onyx & Happy Anniversary had a baby… that would be SH Black Diamond.

I don’t think Baby It’s ‘Coal’ Outside is similar at all to Black Diamond though, but it did satisfy my craving for a black shimmer. 🙂

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