OP Pink Flamenco!

I think OPI releasing little mini bottles for every one of their collection for consumers to test out colours is an excellent idea. I got Pink Flamenco in a mini bottle last year and I’m nearly halfway through the bottle, which says a lot about my love for this colour considering I have over 150 bottles of polish.

I’m pretty confused about the difference between cool and warm colours – I always thought my skin tone was warm, but turns out it’s actually cool 🙂

This was 2 coats + 1 coat of Poshe and I had some difficulty with the small brush but the colour was worth the effort. I don’t know what I’m waiting for – I will need to get the big bottle for this colour ASAP. It just complements my skin so well compared to other lighter pinks like Strawberry Margarita or Party in My Cabana.

I would call this a cool fuchsia. Scrangie calls this a blue-toned pink and she couldn’t be more right about the colour! I wish I could wear this a few more days but my nails are getting too long for my liking and I have to trim them soon – the colour is already wearing at the edges 😦

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