Your Royal Shyness, and Glitter Aftermath

Okay so I knew what I was in for when I applied glitter polish – the removal was either going to be painful (from all the rubbing to get the glitter off), or it was going to be really drying on my skin (from soaking acetone on my nails). I chose the method that took the least time and effort – the acetone soak-off!

Have a look:

I know – ouch. You can see my nail peeling – but it’s nothing a coat of OPI Nail Envy can’t fix – I have a bottle of Nail Envy: Sensitive & Peeling for my nails. But what’s fun about this soak off is seeing the imprint of the whole nail on the cotton pad!

After soaking the cotton pad, I firmly pressed it against the nail, and waited for about 5 minutes before I took it off in a swipe. It really works and saves time, but it isn’t good to do this often. Apply lots of cuticle cream!

The next colour I wanted to do, was to try one that I found hard to apply and thought was a bad buy – OPI Your Royal Shyness. Again I think the colour is from the soft shades collection, and I remember buying this on sale.

I have bad memories from my first application of the polish – streaky, sheer, & goopy (ew) so I gave the bottle a good shake and gave it another try. It turned out to be much better I guess – this was 2 coats with 1 coat of Poshe.

In another angle of light. Your Royal Shyness has a… I would say, a pearlised finish. It’s not really a frost although some may confuse the two. Colour-wise, it’s a pretty neutral colour, leaning towards the lightest pink. Reminds me of the inside of an oyster shell.

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