Possible Dupe Alert

I was a bit disappointed when The One That Got Away came in the mail – it reminded me so much of an OPI berry color that I already owned – Don’t Toy With Me! from the 2008 holiday collection. DTWM was love at first sight for me – I first swatched it with the mini bottle, and loved it so much I decided to get the full sized bottle. And I don’t need another dupe of it!

Index & ring DTWM ; middle & pinky TOTGA

From far they both look the same, although upon close up TOTGA leans towards purple and DTWM leans more towards red. The difference between both colors doesn’t justify the need to get both though. So if you really liked DTWM and it’s sold out now (may be, I’m not sure) then get TOTGA while it’s still in stock! I don’t think the Katy Perry collection is a permanent one.

Under a table lamp, the bottle I’m holding it TOTGA. I apologize for the state of my cuticles, I always moisturize after I put on polish, not before. 2 coats of each color swatched.

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