OPI Skull & Glossbones, TINS The Lucky Star Jet

Ahhh.. The Pirates of the Caribbean collection – right up my alley! I don’t follow the movie series but I DO love the theme of this collection – I did some sample swatches at Sephora and then bought 2 colours that I loved the most. This is one of them: Skull & Glossbones

2 coats of S&G with 1 coat of TINS 057 – The Lucky Star Jet on the index, with some sunlight. I’ll explain the top coat later.

First off, I chose this colour because I LOVE the name! 4 years ago I was doing the whole punk rock thing, listening to My Chemical Romance, wearing black all the time, adding the same theme to my email addresses, nicknames, passwords, etc. Particularly liked to used to word ‘crossbones’. Now this ‘glossbones’ thing is so cute I had to have this colour lol

S&G is a flat slate gray with the tiniest hint of green. Very very slight tone of green to it as far as I can see, but not as green as Stranger Tides. Love this one, it reminds me of Essie Great Expectations. S&G applied very thickly – in fact, it was already opaque in one coat but I did two anyway. I’m not sure if mine was a problem bottle but my S&G may need some thinner.

So, you curious about the TINS polish?

Under my table lamp. This is S&G with TINS The Lucky Star Jet, one coat/finger. I initially only applied it to my index to cover up a nick on the nail 🙂 but it looked so nice I put it on to all fingers 🙂

With some sunlight. TINS TLSJ seemed a very typical glitter polish but when I applied it I immediately saw the difference.

You would think that a polish like this would dry gritty (it didn’t), and not sparkle enough because it doesn’t sparkle much on the bottle (but it did), and the best part is, when applied on the nail the polish looks like a cross between a shimmer and a glitter, because it has the teeniest tiniest micro glitter I’ve ever seen, coupled with square regular sized glitter.

It’s so sparkly because of the tiny micro glitter that bounces light off from every angle that makes it look like a shimmer. That is what is so amazin’. Definitely more ‘bling’ than any other glitter I have, including any of the China Glaze glitters (yes, even ChG Nova!)

To see what I mean, here’s a close-up:

If you’re wondering, the polish is NOT a holo polish. TINS The Lucky Star Jet has square silver, blue, and yellow glitter, coupled with the tiny tiny tiny silver micro glitter. The brush also catches enough glitter to provide good coverage in one coat, as a top coat. I can’t imagine having this glitter over, say, a deep blue like OPI Russian Navy or Yoga-ta Get This Blue!

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One Response to OPI Skull & Glossbones, TINS The Lucky Star Jet

  1. this combination is extremely pretty. MUST get.

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