Deborah Lippmann – Across the Universe

I was so happy today when all these polishes came in the mail! Too bad they didn’t come from 1 supplier but 3, or I would’ve saved on shipping. 
Spark De Triomphe; White Shatter; Glitter in the Air; Across the Universe; Jeux D’Eau

My eyes went straight to one of the Debbies (Deborah Lippmann is just too long to type everytime I mention the brand) – Across the Universe. It’s one of her most raved about polishes so you can imagine my excitement when I swatched it!

Oooh – this was 2 coats of ATU without a top coat, under my table lamp. ATU has a dark blue jelly base, with round light blue glitter, as well as light blue and green hex glitter. Such a simple combination, yet so beautiful. The drying time wasn’t as quick as I would’ve liked, so I decided to top it with Poshe… and I got the following results:

How dreamy is this please! The top coat smoothed everything out, resulting in a multi-dimensional look to the polish. Look at my thumb nail, that pretty much explains everything – you see a depth of colour and glitters peeking out from the jelly base. That’s why jelly bases are so awesome man!

This was with some sunlight. It was a bit hazy for a while, and then it rained cats & dogs after so the natural lighting wasn’t that good today.

In case you’re wondering, the fabric behind my fingers are my beachy curtains. Across the Universe is such an amazing polish! It looks like what you will see if you were hanging out on the ocean floor with Poseidon.

So to ruin the beautiful manicure that I sometimes unintentionally do, I had to put OPI White Shatter over it because I was curious. I may have been a cat in my past life.

You can see the green & blue hex glitter screaming to be seen through the white cracks. I was so depressed I couldn’t see them anymore that I didn’t bother to apply a top coat to this 😥

Sigh! This was 1 coat of OPI White Shatter over Debbie Across the Universe. Like with all shatter polishes, White Shatter dried really quickly too, and by the time I was done applying it to one hand, the polish at the mouth of the bottle had already dried up and was starting to ‘crack’, and it’s not like I’m a slow polish applier. I’m not really digging the shatter trend.

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