Jeux D’Eau & Glitter in the Air

This is a polish from the TINS Spring 2011 collection, called Jeux D’eau. I don’t even know how to pronounce that but check out the bottle:

It’s a light sea foam green with really dense light gold (it appears silver in the picture) micro glitter. Actually the particles are so small I can’t tell if it’s glitter or flakes. What do you think?

I’m guessing this polish is named after the piano piece “Jeux D’eau” by Ravel, where it mimics the sound of fast moving water. Listen to it here while reading the rest of the post 🙂 but you’ll probably be really distracted by the unusual score.

This is 2 coats, under my table lamp. The micro light gold glitter really shows up in this one 🙂 I’m totally loving TINS right now! Actually I heard it’s supposed to be spelt as TiNS not TINS. Oh well!

With some sunlight here – it looks like a blinged out version of LA Splash Golden Seahorse. My supplier told me this collection has some special particles in the polish that makes it more expensive than regular TINS, and she didn’t really specify what particles cos she can’t read Japanese. Well, neither can I but this polish looks good and it’s minty so I’m sold.

So I decided to add a layer of Debbie Glitter in the Air to the polish – I thought the base colours complemented each other rather well:

I’m on the fence with the results. This was under my table lamp.

With some sunlight!

Looks nice with my skin tone here. I’m looking into getting more TINS 🙂

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