Spark De Triomphe

I got the white shatter set (includes Spark de Triomphe + White Shatter) instead of the red shatter set from Serena William’s Grand Slam France Collection. I thought Rally Pretty Pink from the red shatter set was a bit boring. I love glitters! ❤

Let’s start off with the glitter – Spark de Triomphe has silver & light gold micro glitter, with silver & light gold round glitter. The best glitters always seem to have the simplest combination of colours, like this one.

Index shows 1 coat, Middle shows 2, Ring shows 3, Pinky shows 4 coats. I think 3 coats is enough to cover any visible nail lines. With 1 coat, it doubles as a glitter top coat! It would look pretty layered over Glitzerland.

Same coverage, with sunlight. Sooo blinged out!

Under my table lamp. Now, I’m really not liking the White Shatter. I first used it a few days back, and when I opened the bottle earlier, the polish had gotten all over the bottle mouth and dried up. I have no idea how it got there either, because I’m extremely particular about leaving polish at the opening after use, and am very certain that the bottle mouth was clean before I’d capped it. I’m not sure about others’ bottles, but White Shatter is even more chalky than Black or Silver Shatter – DO NOT WANT.

So here is the compulsory swatch of the shatter, as with all shatter sets – Spark de Triomphe under White Shatter. I wonder if it will dry up in maybe, a year?

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