Yellow It’s Me!

LOL love the name! I headed to town this afternoon and went to pick up 2 bottles of Nicole by OPIs. One of them is this, the other one I’ll post up tomorrow 🙂

Yellow it’s me! is a hard to describe colour. I mean, yeah, it’s yellow (duh) but it’s eh.. um.. like the yellow version of Peach-a-Boo! It really reminds me of it because YIM! has a sheer buildable yellow base with very apparent pink shimmer. Peach-a-Boo! on the other hand, has a orangey-beige sheer base with pink + gold shimmer. I swear that’s one of my favourite polishes, I can’t bear to use it now that it’s discontinued.

Anyway back to YIM! I wish it weren’t so yellow, it doesn’t match my skin that well, would look better on people with darker tones.

This is it under my table lamp. 3 coats to cover any nail lines, and this is without top coat, and dried smooth. I gave this to my sister cos she’s a sunny bunny!

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