Me + Blue = <3

This is the second bottle I got in town couple days ago, I saved the better one for last 🙂 It’s Me + Blue by Nicole by OPI

Look at the holo glitter in that bottle! It’s not a linear holo, it’s a sparse holo suspended in a frosty medium blue base. If this polish didn’t have glitter in it, it would dry matte with a frosty shimmer.

Have a look at the ‘new and improved’ brush – it reminds me of Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri brush. Actually, Me + Blue dries quick too, sorta like how Sally Hansen’s ones do.

The application of Me + Blue wasn’t bad at all – the curved tip of the brush fitted my cuticles nicely except for my thumb, where the shape of my thumb cuticle is squarish and straight. Had a bit of a problem there.

Check this out! 2 coats of Me + Blue with 1 coat of Poshe. Even then, I could still feel the grittiness of the polish. Definitely needed another coat on top. This is with light from my table lamp.

Yummy blue holo glitter! Nice one I’ve seen in a real long time. Also, because this polish dried so quickly, the polish in the bottle got a bit thick by the time I was done with my manicure so I had to add 6 drops of Seche Restore to it.

I bought 25 steel balls from eBay with a 1/4 inch diameter each so I can add it to polishes that have gotten too thick, or frankens I’d just concocted – it’s really convenient and fun!

Update: This polish was a b*tch to take off!

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3 Responses to Me + Blue = <3

  1. Pris says:

    Hi, that looks like a great colour!
    May I know where did you buy Nicole by OPI from?

    • emery.b says:

      Hi Pris!

      I got this color from Watson’s at Vivocity, that’s one of the few outlets in SG that sell Nicole by OPI polishes 🙂 thanks for stopping by!

  2. Kim says:

    Pretty! I hate how glitters are such a PITA to remove (often have to use foils to get them off…) but they make your nails oh to pretty to stare at

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