So Many Clowns… So Little Time

I stalked the nail blogs for swatches of OPI’s femme de cirque collection before finally deciding to buy this one šŸ™‚ The rest of the colours looked either too sheer or too pink. This one is just nice and had good, buildable coverage. I didnt’ fancy the shimmer top coat (I juggle…men) because I knew I would apply it, go wow, and forget about it later on.

This is 3 coats with no top coat, under my table lamp, needed 3 coats to cover the nail line. The colour of this polish is between pink and beige and cream – the perfect blend of the 3 hues equals So Many Clowns… So Little Time

With sunlight. This reminds me of another soft sheer polish – Sparitual Free Bird, but that one has more pink to it than this one. Would wear this when I’m feeling romantic.

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2 Responses to So Many Clowns… So Little Time

  1. emery.b says:

    Aw thanks for the comment, and thanks for reading my blog! šŸ™‚

  2. Sara says:

    This is actually the first swatch I see that makes me want it :p. It’s looks very nice on you & you’ve applied it very smooth. If I come across it somewhere I’ll pick it up šŸ™‚

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