CND Flamingo Feather

Full coverage in 2 coats, picture above shows Flamingo Feather without top coat, under my table lamp.
I’d been wanting to get this colour for the longest time because of the polish name! This is my first CND colour, and I must say I quite like the polish. The bottle cap is rubberized (even more so than Orly) and has a terrific grip when the polish gets stuck on the bottle neck sometimes. The polish brush is very similar to OPI’s pro-wide brush, except that it’s a little thinner in width, so the application is good 🙂

With some sunlight. Flamingo Feather doesn’t really remind me of a flamingo’s feather, I was a bit disappointed in the fitting of the polish name to the polish colour. I was expecting the hue to be a bit more orange, as flamingos’ feathers are of a pinky orange shade, like this:

It’s quite a romantic colour nonetheless, and after my first time trying out this brand, I’m starting to like it 🙂 I’m not much of a shimmer/sheer top coat girl, so am going to pass at all the CND Effects. Am considering getting a bunch of other CND colours! ❤

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