Sea Spray

I’ve said before I’m not much of a ChG fan cos I never end up swatching the colours a second time after I buy it, cos I don’t really like the brush :\

ChG Sea Spray was disappointingly the same. Although I love the whole idea of the nautical theme, I did not like the application of this polish at all. It was thick and goopy, and I was unable to control the flow of the polish on the brush, ending up with thick coats that I had to take off and redo. Not a fun time.

That being said, I like the colour, and that’s a ‘like’ not ‘love’, IMHO I prefer OPI’s Lone Star, although it’s a lighter shade of blue. Anyway, this is Sea Spray:

2 goopy and uneven coats, all evened out (sorta) with Seche Vite, under my table lamp

With sunlight. This Sea Spray is like the colour of my bleached, beachy denim jeans.

I guess my expectations for this colour was a little high? I’ve swatched Lone Star at least 4-5 times already, but this colour… will go into my frankens basket.

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One Response to Sea Spray

  1. So sorry to hear that you dislike Chg! Actually I know what you mean about the polish being goopy but I find that their Anchors Away collection is very much improved (which was why I bought like half of the polishes in the collection) LOL.

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