Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

I got myself another Misa! This is a neon-ish pink, much brighter than it appears in these photos 🙂

2 coats were enough to get it opaque – actually 1 coat did the job but I had some bald spots. Unlike regular neons, this polish didn’t dry matte – so it’s not really a neon colour, but it’s real bright!

Without a top coat, see how shiny it is 🙂 under my table lamp. I swatched at night on impulse so unfortunately, no sunshine pics today 😦 but I’ll make it up with a konadicure kay?

I used Chez Delaney’s H26 plate. She shipped it quite quickly, it arrived in 1.5 weeks from France. Picture above shows the condition of the plate after swatching on 1 hand. I LOVE that triangle design!

 Tada! Used Konad’s black stamping polish for the konad. I love the contrast of the colours – a neon(ish) colour with black makes the colour pop out more. This was without a top coat – I know it would look better with one, but every time I use either Poshe or SV the konad polish will drag, cos it doesn’t dry as quickly as normal polish. But I adore this combination!

See the colour is not as bright here – it looks like a baby pink almost, but I assure you it’s stark enough to catch people’s attention. I was just opening the mail box (in the evening) and a friend who was coming over for a visit saw my nails from the car about 10m away lol

It’s always fun to do konadicures, although I don’t do it very often, main reason being that it is never a neat and tidy situation when I play with the stamping plates – a lot of polish everywhere, gets on my hands, nails, and sometimes my face when I have an itch

This time it was worth it though! Just look at that!

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One Response to Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

  1. Cheryl says:

    I love it! It’s super retro!

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