Gargantuan Green Grape

This is my substitute for the now HTF, Hey! Get in Lime! Yeah, I should’ve gotten in ‘Lime’ to get that polish, now it’s sold out everywhere I go and I’m having some sour ‘Green Grapes’ looking at those swatches online šŸ˜¦

But being secretly optimistic, I’m sure I’ll get my hands on that one some day. In the mean time, I have GGG to get me by šŸ™‚ GGG sounds like a really big bra cup.

This is GGG with 2 coats, no top coat, with a nick on my pinky. But I fixed that with Orly Smudge Fixer I got 1.5 years ago, that still works. It basically dilutes the polish around the nick, and you just brush it downwards until the nick is covered, like so:

No need the hassle of removing the polish and reapplying, a big plus considering frequent swatches really dry out your cuticles and finger tips from constant exposure to acetone and rubbing.

I spiced this manicure up with the same Chez Delaney plate I used yesterday – H26, this time I used the other large sized pattern on the plate. It’s a kinda floral, leafy design.

Used Konad’s white polish, and after stamping it on, it looks more like light green than white on the nail. I left the middle finger out as the accented non-accent finger, and I like how the patterns on the other nails turned out šŸ™‚

Another view up close:


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3 Responses to Gargantuan Green Grape

  1. stephieg28 says:

    which top coat did you use???

  2. Cheryl says:

    Nice! I love the leaves!

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