Acid Wash Nails

I was totally inspired by this tutorial on YouTube that shows you how to create that acid wash effect on your nails. And it’s really easy, you just need the normal stuff (polish + polish remover + cotton swab) to create that effect. This effect:

Credits to The Style & Beauty Doctor

I used yesterday’s manicure colour (Siberian Nights) as a base and added 2 coats of OPI Skulls & Glossbones on top to prepare for acid wash nails! It was done in like, 10 minutes with the following results:

This ‘wash’ is the dirtier kind, with rough and big patches of the darker colour through the lighter one. I like how the cotton swab mixed the two colours around the blotches, though I guess I rubbed it a little too hard cos you can see my nail bed in some areas!

2 coats of Siberian Nights below and 2 coats of Skull & Glossbones on top, rubbed around with an acetone soaked cotton swab until you get the desired results. I really like the pattern on my thumb.

In the sun. I’m loving this look more and more – unless you’re not a big fan of acid wash jeans. The only downside to doing this manicure is the number of layers you apply over your nails – you have to wait for the first colour to dry before applying the other colour, and you have to wait for the top colour to dry before you start rubbing the cotton swab over, or you’ll drag the still wet polish around. You wouldn’t want that.

Try it with other colour combinations, like red over black, baby blue over gray, white over orange, etc. Silver over purple? Sounds awesome!

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5 Responses to Acid Wash Nails

  1. Kellie says:

    I did this a few weeks ago and loved it….I couldn’t stop staring at my nails lol. Did you noticed that your ring finger has a smiley face? LOL. Cute.

  2. I love this , I will defiantly be trying this out this weekend .

  3. coloredglass says:

    Wow, it’s an ingenious idea! I love how it turned out! (:

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