La Girl Disorder

I picked a couple of polishes up after finding the new collection of LA Girl’s Color/Glitter addict range, these were the two that I bought!

La Girl Disorder, 2 coats under a table lamp. How do you like it?

Disorder appears a dark gray on the bottle but when you get some light on it, you see goldish green shimmer peeking out. Definitely a unique colour! All of the other colours in the Color Addict range all had the same effect – a solid colour with a contrasting shimmer.

I also bought Synergy, which is from the Glitter Addict collection. Synergy is supposed to be one of the few holographic glitter polishes in the collection, with hex glitter, as well as small, round glitter. Applied on an accent nail, it looks like this:

That’s one coat of Synergy over Disorder. Since Disorder’s shimmer has a goldish hue to it anyway, the glitter from Synergy kind of compliments it 🙂

And now for the full on mani swatch:

It’s really quite sparkly in the sun, and I can see glimpses of holo-ness at different angles, although I think Synergy could be better if the round polish were smaller and too, holographic.

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