ChG Rainstorm

I’ve long wanted to do a swatch of this, because this polish needs some strong sun to bring out its beauty, and the time came near dusk when the sun was setting, surprisingly, for me capture ChG Rainstorm.

Case in point: under a lamp, Rainstorm looks really stark, goopy, and blah. It even looks cobalt in other angles, which is an inaccurate depiction of its actual color

And then we get under the sun and the glitter pops out, smiling at me because the rays have found them.

I’m a bit dramatic today, but anyway, Rainstorm is a periwinkle blue with sky blue glitter, as well as a slight purple duochrome with a pearly finish. Yeah… I know!!

Another angle with sun – you can see the glitter in there. It may look sparse on the bottle but the good thing is, the brush manages to capture an evenly sizeable amount of glitter per coat, so no complaints there.

You are welcome for the above picture.

And there – I manage to capture it. The purple duochrome I was telling you about!!! I’m getting more excited by the second!!

Ahh.. I could get used to this. Pros outweigh the cons so I’m onboard with the polish! The only downside that I haven’t mentioned (and I don’t like anticlimaxes) is that it takes 5-6 coats for the color to be opaque.

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