Uninhibited Skinny Dip’n in Lake Michg’n

This was taken under my lamp. Look at that. It’s gorgeous. SDLM is from the Chicago collection, discontinued, and really hard to find now. I got it at a real bargain from my supplier who was trying to clear her stock of this polish!

VNL is both apparent in different light settings, but I’m not that bothered by it. If you hate to see your nail line, do 3 thick coats or 4 thin ones.

Above shows 2 coats with sunlight. SDLM is a flesh tone shimmer. The type and color of its shimmer is the same as Happy Anniversary, Peach-A-Boo, and Sally Hansen’s Black Diamond – you can see subtle flashes of green and pink shimmer but it disguises well as a silvery shimmer in pictures, and at first glance.

This polish reminds me a lot of I Love Yokohama – from the Yokohama collection, except that the shimmer in Yokohama’s is more glassy and flashy, no hints of the green/pink shimmer while SDLM does. The similarities in color, however, is uncanny.

From my previous post, I’d said that I bought glitters from an L.A. Girl counter recently, and there’s one last glitter polish that I’ve yet to show you, because I saved the best for last – L.A. Girl Uninhibited, is a black glitter polish.

At first I was a bit apprehensive on what to put black glitter on so I scoured the polish blogs to find a clue – this was the most popular combination by far, and I LOVE IT.

Black glitter layered over a nude gives the nails a lace-y look to it, doesn’t it?

With some sun – I’ve always wanted to find a true black glitter polish, and Uninhibited has fulfilled this want. I’m a happy camper. It dries a bit gritty, but it’s nothing you can’t fix with a top coat, and the picture above shows you one coat of the glitter. See how much coverage that gives!

Maybe it looks better with my nails positioned like this – some nails look darker than other nails haha, it wasn’t intentional. I was thinking it’d be fun to use this black glitter for a gradient color mani… white fading to black, or something like that. Do you like this look? What other ways can I wear black glitter?

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2 Responses to Uninhibited Skinny Dip’n in Lake Michg’n

  1. emery.b says:

    ohh cookies and cream! never thought of that!

  2. Khairun says:

    Over white? Because it already looks a lot like cookies and cream in your mani there so I think over white would look great as well.

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