BB Couture Saturday Night Fever

I’M BACK! Well sorry I haven’t been posting first of all, I was sick for about a week then the week after that I got busy packing my things to move to college. I’m all settled now, moved in just yesterday, and am really excited about the new semester 😀

Although that means there’s a maximum no. of colours I can do in a week – I only bring 3 bottles of polish with me at a time so am swatching much less now. But that doesn’t mean I will stop blogging, that’s silly. Polishes like the one I will show you today, are one of the reasons why my passion for polish will never die (just as long as a colour as pretty as this comes up every now and then lol)

This was swatched when I was a bit ill, my nails were really long and I didn’t bother cutting them. Saturday Night Fever was bought together with my BB Couture haul – it’s a deep emerald green with light green flashes of shimmer & glitter. Ch-ch-check it out!

Mmmhmmm. Take a moment to let it sink in. It’s like an outer space orb of awesomeness. This was 2 thick coats with Seche Vite, under my table lamp.

There – a shot with the bottle. SNF has green and gold glitter, although I think the ratio of gold to green is like 1:2. This colour really stands out on my skin tone.

This was taken in my balcony. It appears darker in normal outdoor light.

See? Well I’ve got to say I’m really impressed with BB Couture – their polishes are supposed to be a base and top coat too so you don’t have to apply extra layers before and after you apply the colour. The polish did hold up well, it lasted about 3 days before chips started to show, I guess that’s pretty good by my standards. What do you think of the colour? :))

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