Mermaid Tears Do-over

My last swatch of Mermaid Tears was done in a haste and since I love this range of minty colours, I decided to swatch it again, this time with some sun pics!

Taken when I woke up – I applied the polish the night before and my fingers must’ve scratched on something…

Mermaid Tears was still thick in formula – just as I remembered it – and no, I didn’t bring a thinner with me to college (man!) so I had to keep shaking the bottle before applying it on the nail. This was 2 thick coats… I couldn’t do thin ones with the consistency.

Ahh in direct sunlight – this was Day 2 with more obvious tip wear. My skin looks a little warm in this light but it actually looks much better in normal lighting.

Should trim my nails this weekend!

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