BB Couture Frosty Meadow

Another BB Couture beauty – a green polish with green/yellow shimmer! The name of the polish reminds me of that meadow scene in Twilight, which in all honesty, I prefer the books over the movie, but here’s a picture anyway:

Don’t they look blissful?

This is 2 thick coats of Frosty Meadow with some sunlight – the polish was a bit thick so it needed some thinner.

Directly under my table lamp!

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2 Responses to BB Couture Frosty Meadow

  1. Pris says:

    This looks amazing and glowy! Which one is more color accurate, under sunlight or table lamp?

    • emery.b says:

      Hey Pris! Thanks for your comment! The color is more accurate under my table lamp – it looks too blue with sunlight. 🙂 It’s a rich, grassy green!

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