First Try: QTICA Nail Stickers!

It was cheap – I mean, really cheap: S$2.90 for 20 stickers! Loved the bold B&W leopard design and the past few weeks I’d been distracted by all the glitter so tonight I finally found time to give this a go!

I LOVE THIS. It was easy to apply and looks gorgeous! It just needed a base coat and a top coat to seal the tip so in all I took about.. 5 minutes for both hands. Not sure how long it will last but I guess it’s fine since it’s so affordable!

I don’t think I can even replicate this with Konad! I love that I don’t have to do much to shape the cuticles since the stickers were already curved that way, though I must say, I guess my nail beds are pretty narrow, considering I had to file the sides off for my middle and ring fingers. All good though!

Update: I had so many compliments on this mani!

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2 Responses to First Try: QTICA Nail Stickers!

  1. Khai says:

    Where did you buy these from? They look great!

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