OPI DS Temptation

One of the latest OPI DS polishes that came in a pair, today I give you OPI DS Temptation – a non-holo for a change.

This is 1 coat of Temptation over 1 coat of black polish. Initially when I tried it without a base colour, it was too sheer for me and would have needed at least 2-3 coats to achieve opacity. Having black under Temptation would make it way easier for me to remove the glitter so here you go 🙂

Temptation, unlike many of the other polishes in the OPI DS line, is not a holographic polish as I would have hoped for, but I’m totally feelin’ this purple. It has many dimensions to it – there’s purple as the main glitter base, followed by magenta & blue, and then tiny specks of gold and green. What the.. ?

This is one of the rare ones that doesn’t dull out when the polish dries (I hate that.) It’s still as vibrant even after my top coat settled into the glitter. Loving this!

So even though it’s not a holo polish, I would still pay a premium for this. Nice one OPI!

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