Orly Androgynie

What’s up! Today I have Orly Androgynie for you – the star of Orly’s 2011 Holiday Soireé Collection. When it first arrived all the glitter settled to the bottom of the bottle, so I left it to stand upside down overnight, and the glitter settled to the mouth of the bottle, making it easier for me to pick up the large hex glitters 🙂

I am so fascinated by this polish. Let’s talk about colors first. The colors of the hex glitter in the polish remind me of a mermaid’s scales. The black base jelly has olive golden flecks in it, shines through like embers. Also, there’s sparse holographic glitter.

It was still better layered over black. Above shows 1 coat over black with indirect sunlight. It was raining this morning :\ so I waited for the sun to come out.

Meanwhile, I took a picture of the bottle. This was after I’d placed the bottle on its side. The hex glitter as seen here, is opalescent, giving it an even more dreamy effect. You can see the colors of the hex glitters clearly here, so I don’t need to describe it. It says it all.

So the sun came out! Um, next morning, and I had tip wear already from Seche Vite. Look at my thumb nail – the olive golden flecks are the perfect complements to the hex glitters. The holographic glitter flashes at certain angles – sometimes you see it, sometimes you don’t. What kind of polish is this? The name is perfect for it – it’s androgynous in appearance. (in the context of nail polish, of course)

Another shot in direct sunlight. So loving this!

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