Rainbow Connection

I just died and went to glitter heaven. Now I’m a glitter zombie.

I was afraid that this polish would disappoint like I was a little bit with last year’s christmas glitters. But, my god, Rainbow Connection is just… there are no words.

Above shows 2 coats in the morning sun. It was a little bright so you can’t see all the colors here… but wait it gets better.

Rainbow Connection has large hexagonal glitter in green, silver, gold, pink, orange, blue. But it’s mostly silver. It also has round smaller glitter in the same color combo, in a clear base. A downside to this polish is that it dries real quickly so the brush gets a bit thick on the 3rd to 4th finger.

Ahhh nothing a thick coat of SV won’t fix, I like it that the glitter isn’t rough when it dries, and it’s thin enough for the top coat to gloss over and not sink into the gaps. Did I mention? I hate it when that happens.

I edited the lighting a bit in this photo (but still with sunlight) so you can see the colors better. Check out the glossiness on my pinky!

Annnnnnnd this is with warmer lighting. Oh yeah the colors really pop out in this one. check out the rainbow glitter!! Hehehe

Gotta be honest, this is a really really shiny and glittery manicure! Even in dim lighting it’s still so shiny. I am in love with this one ❤ The perfect Christmas manicure. Ahh! I’m a happy camper!

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