Chinchilly Delightful Dotties

Hola! It’s been some time since I last posted – I’d been spending the past few weeks reflecting a whole lot, and decided to catch up with many old friends I haven’t seen in years. It’s nice to get warm fuzzy feelings of friendship back.

I realized that I was too focussed and preoccupied with school that I had neglected my old friends, and before I knew it, time just flew past and I would’ve lost contact and the chance of having meaningful relationships with people who were once important to me.

Looking back at 2011, the highlight of this year would be that I got to meet my long lost best friend. We hadn’t spoken or seen each other in 6 years, and it felt so nice to see her again. The greatest thing about having childhood BFFs is that we can reminisce.

Now that I’ve expressed all my feelings, it’s time for a swatch!

  • Base color: Essie Chinchilly
  • Top layer: Sparitual Delight
  • Silver glitter: Orly Tiara

Having moved back from college, I was messing around with polish and decided to go with a duo color manicure. At first I wanted it to be without the white polka dots but I was feeling a little girly so I added them in. The silver glitter is a failed attempt at trying to bling my nails out so I only did it on the thumb! The above picture was taken under my table lamp back home.

Still under my table lamp, taken at another angle so the glare from the bulb doesn’t appear on the nails.

Annnd this is with sunlight. Pretty cute.

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