Yodel Me on My Glacier Bay Blue Bells

I’ve had Glacier Bay Blues in my stash for years but I never swatched it till now – with all the hubbub surrounding this polish in the nail blogosphere I thought I’d see what the big deal is, but I didn’t like it sheer so I added a layer of Yodel Me on My Cell below GBB.

This is with 2 coats of YMMC below 1 coat of GBB, and some tip wear from SV. Can’t see the duochrome-ness here but keep scrolling!

With some sunlight, it gets a little better. It flashes pine green, cerulean blue, and sometimes purple from different angles. As my nail plates are pretty straight except for my index, the duochrome polish has a limited effect in that you can only see the duochrome flashes linearly, mostly from the middle of my nails.

Here it flashes a pine green from another angle, taken at a more shaded area.

This is the cerulean blue part of the polish with the green emerging a bit 🙂

And here you can see the finish of GBB – definitely a very fine shimmer polish.

After a few days of wear you can see the base color YMMC peeking out around the edges haha, I found this polish to be the perfect complement to GBB, instead of the usual black for sheer polishes like this.

Time to cut my nails.

In an unrelated topic, I’d been feeling a little stressed lately so I took it out on my old beads and wires…

…and randomly made a few simple pairs of earrings for my sister and a couple of dear friends on impulse at 3am. It’s not weird, I used to make and sell earrings when I was 16… just not at that kind of hour.

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