ringin’ in the red

It’s been well over a month since my last post! December was such a short holiday I spent more time lazing around and travelling instead of doing nail swatches. Now that I’ve just started my last semester in college, it’s back to the old grind 😉

Today I have – ChG Ring in the Red to ring in 2012. Actually I had intended for this to be a Christmas post but I was overseas when that happened so here it is!

2 coats of RR with a fresh layer of SV over it – this was taken while the top coat was still drying so it’s extra shiny! Before it got eaten up by the glitter… but only a tad.

See how the red glitter glows – I likey!

This was taken under the strong afternoon sun back home in the balcony ❤

Now, I don’t have Ruby Pumps to compare this with since I sold it last year but I’m guessing the only difference would be the glitter sizes – RR has red round and micro glitter as well, while RP has just red glitter in a red jelly base.  I prefer this one for sure – the different sized glitters give another dimension of sparkle when the light hits it.

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