Measles Barbie

Essie Lovie Dovie is what I’d call a girly pink – I experimented with light dusty blue stripes and it was totally 80’s! But I don’t have the striper tool with me at college so I’ll just settle with dots.

Looks like Barbie caught measles.

2 coats of Lovie Dovie and Orly Snowcone dotties – I just washed my hands so it includes water dots as well *shrugs* This was with my room light, which adds a warm touch to the colors.

And this is with indirect (but really strong) sunlight. Honestly, it was glaring, and it was a really warm and humid afternoon. Kinda weird considering last week was both drizzly and windy. Sigh… back to the hot season.

Oh right, forgot to describe the colors – Lovie Dovie is a pink leaning very much towards blue. Looks like a pastel on the bottle, and dries to a stark, barbie pink on my nails 😉 Orly Snowcone is a light dusty blue, with a little bit of purple in it.

I’m a bit buzzed today because I visited the nail polish booth at my school bazaar and I bought a LOT of stuff… it’s been a while!

L-R (back row): NYX black label lipsticks Fig & Thalia; ChG Marry a Millionaire; Fairy Dust; Grape Pop; OPI I Brake for Manicures; Ogre-the-Top Blue; Atomic Orange

L-R (front row): ELF Smudge Brush; NYX Eye Pencil 930 Teal; OPI Nail Envy Sensitive & Peeling; Seche Vite

I paid S$85 for these. ChG S$7 each, OPI S$9 each, Lipsticks $5. Love it!

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