Shot of the Day

Okay the title of the post might be a little misleading – no, I’m not going to start doing shots of the day. But, this IS the shot of the day.

I know the quality is crap, I’m home for the CNY weekend and left my camera at college. This was taken with my new iPhone 4S (I know, I’m a little late to the party) and I wanted to try out the camera’s nonexistent macro (but auto) focus.

I also tried this new photo editing app called SnapSeed and played around with the color adjustments for this photo. Can’t blame a girl for trying something new! At least you can still see the glitters haha

Anyway, when I’m doing color gradients, I always go back to this kind of starry night combination. But it IS kind of awesome. This one glowed because of Swimsuit… Nailed It!

Base is 1 coat of Essie Licorice, and blue gradient is OPI Swimsuit… Nailed It!, followed by OPI Last Friday Night as a light glitter gradient. It really was a fantastic manicure, but it didn’t fit with the theme of CNY so I took it off after a few shots.

To those who celebrate CNY, happy new year man! ❤ Too bad the holiday is not at the end of the week. I would’ve really enjoyed that.

Edit: Many of you have requested for more shots (or rather, clearer shots lol) of this manicure, so here you go!

Okay so this is still not very clear. But hey, the glitter peeks out! This is with warm sunlight.

And this is the clearest shot that I took with my phone. Not bad! Here you can see Swimsuit… Nailed It! more clearly as a gradient. Magnificent blue.

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