I Brake for Rainbows

I was going through my new vs. old stash, and picked out OPI I Brake For Manicures which I got last week, and OPI Rainbow Connection, which I last used in November. Ok it’s not that old, but it’s a helluva glitter.

This was taken with direct morning sunlight. I just woke up and was a little woozy when I shot this with my door open. My housemate next door came out, looked at me funny for a second and greeted me good morning while I was in the above position. Awkward.

And this picture looks a little strange cos I was scrunching my fingers tightly together instead of straight up as I normally do. I don’t know what happened, I told you I just woke up okay.

Oh BTW, I Brake For Manicures is a one-coater for sure. Love it. The color is like a cross between brown and purple, leaning more towards purple. Looks better on short nails but I did it for the glitter.

Glitter is Rainbow Connection and I finally did a normal glitter gradient (i.e. from the nail tip up) cos my nails were long enough. I’m guessing my next post will also be a glitter post. Look out for that!

And yes I’ve received emails on how strange my background looked with the rainbow raindrop pattern, so I changed it back to old school 70’s mint green – always a winner.

Have a good weekend guys! ❤

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