Samoan Nova

Anndd another glitter manicure, this time not really a gradient, but more like a glitter quill down nude tips. This was inspired by Illamasqua’s nail quills, but the quill starts from the base of the nail. It’s pretty awesome.

I used OPI Samoan Sand (one of the best nudes ever) and ChG Nova. I retrieved a swatch of Samoan Sand from my archives:

This is 2 coats of SS, with sunlight. Next up, SS with a glitter quill design:

Nice huh! It’s like a thick coat of glitter trickling down the nail, frozen at the perfect moment. This was taken at 7am sunlight.

And this is a blur shot, but really highlights the holo-ness of Nova. The design of the glitter also gives the nail a longer appearance, elongating it.

Here’s a sharper picture, against my window. Looking at my nails from an arm’s length, it feels as if somebody sprinkled fairy dust on my manicure.

The shape of the glitter quill is clearer here. Oh and I got a lot of compliments from this manicure! Right amount of bling and simplicity.

This is with direct sunlight. I purposely dabbed a little glitter off the quill tips (note the thumb) to make it seem as if the glitter’s dispersing from the center.

You should try this. It’s creative and simple to do!

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