Fairy Pop Millionaire

When I saw the three bottles together, the answer was obvious – a purple glitter manicure! ❤ Well I don’t really like purple, but it fitted my mood the other day.

The sun was up and good, and so I took my nails to the balcony and took over 80 shots in different angles! Above is with direct, strong sunlight.

All the polishes used were China Glaze. Base is Grape Pop, topped with Fairy Dust, and accented with Marry a Millionaire. I LOVE how Fairy Dust gives such a pretty but simple holo effect to the nails.

Uber-shiny, uber-blingy, uber-purple. The blue bar glitter in MAM really complements the purple base. I love looking at this shot.

And this is with indirect sunlight. MAM is clearer in this picture on my thumb!

Again with indirect sunlight. This is really nice, and would look gorgeous on darker skin.

This is directly under my table lamp. The colors appear much cooler here. I am really into using Fairy Dust in all my manicures now!!

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